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In this post we will review words that are related to hand.

Hands are used a lot!  In fact, they are the part of the body we most use. We use our hands everyday to work, to create, to destroy,  or even to do something as simple as counting. 

For this reason, lots of expressions words and idioms contain the word hand. We use this word to express many different meanings, for example vocabulary related to hands is used to things that are useful, close, things that can move, things that are practical, or even as a unit of measurement. Can you think of any examples?


  1. Some interesting examples are:


handbag: is a thing( bag) where you can keep your money. keys,handkerchief, make-up and so on.

handmade: Things that you can make by hand, not industrial.

handcuffs: They are a kind of hoops that police put in your wrists when you are arrested to keep you from moving.

beforehand: Time expression meaning in advance or previously.

handle: to do something or to take charge of a situation.

handful: the amount that you can keep in your hand.

To be a handful: someone or something that makes you work a lot, or someone difficult to handle.

handicaps: disadvantages, disability.

handyman: A person who takes charge of the fixing things around the house.  

handy: Something practical, useful or that is close.

backhand:  reverse hit, with the back of your hand.

backhanded: Someone you can’t trust. That is not trustworthy. Someone that might betray you.

hands-on: Practical work. A job in which you are involved directly and work actively in.

secondhand : Something that is not new anymore.

hand in. Submit.


We hope you have found this explanation handy! 

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